Tuesday, April 19, 2011

TRENDS cont...

Another trend that keeps popping up is rounded corners. This can probably be attributed to modern computer programs that make this as simple and creating any other basic shape, such as a rectangle. Also with html working its way into the market. It is not accepted in all browsers, but once it does it will be much easier to have rounded corners on the web. We won't have to mess with as much cds to get the same, or better results.

Perhaps this trend has several initation points, as well as inspiration points. An increased use of social media is being used by corporations to help them connect with their clients. Maybe this appeal to be more personal and friendly has inspired designers to incorporate curves into their designs to make shapes seem softer, therefore, more friendly. With the ease of rounded, and its slight addition to detail. I think this is a trend that is not going anywhere soon.

Of course there are those who work against popular just because they fads. Such as the designers working with very clean and sharp, boxy designs, but that is a blog for another day.

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