Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Logo re-freshing has been on my mind quite a bit lately since I am working on a project to do just that. There are some definite benefits to refreshing your companies logo, but some disadvantages too.

A new logo always you to modernize and relate to need services or features your company offers, but you may loose the brand recognition that you had already acquired with your current logo. A new logo could relate to your customer demographic better, you may have never had quite the right logo for your needs to begin with, or really want to emphasize a brand beyond just an icon.

I have done some looking around and some things I find to be good in considering a new logo is:

Make is memorable, get the customer to connect with you and your business. A logo does not do as well if it is in no way connected to the types of services you provide, but a logo works better when it has more than one level. Where you can look at it and it makes sense, but where you can get the to know the company better and you can see that the way the colors or type is shows you that they caring and sympathetic, and the counters or negative shape shows you something else that company offers.

Scale: The logo needs to work really small or it needs to be able to be blown up really big (like on a billboard)

Reproduce: You are able to recreate the logo onto many different objects/mediums printed out, stickers, screen printed, and on company apparel.

Consistency: Keep the logo and type treatments regimented so that the identity is easily associated from different pieces from stationary to annual reports to packaging tags it all needs to work as a brand.

I will continue my thoughts in logo refreshments another day. Maybe take an old logo and recreate it in a way that YOU would want to interact with that brand or company.

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