Thursday, August 19, 2010

Getting Inpsired

One of my favorite movies is Tim Burton's Nightmare before Christmas. And I am sure like those before me have taken his or her own spin on the idea/motive/lesson behind this movie. For me I see the frustration of being in a creative rut. Doing the same thing day after day and year after year. The inspiration and motivation seem to leave you. Now mine is not a creative rut due to years of producing work, but only months. Being not at school (and with the new semester starting) I am somewhat feeling left behind. Sure I have graduated, but you can never know everything.

Especially in the graphic design field. It would be next to impossible to always be on the cusp of the up and coming and too know and be an expert in all the mediums available to us.

My current goal is get my inspiration back! Time to create like I have never done before. If anyone has points or sites that excite their creativity send me a link. I want to cast a wide net for this one.

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