Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Photoshop Actions

I just found out about Photoshop actions. Okay, Okay this just shows that Adobe software has a lot of complex details that allow you to edit photos, layouts, and ect and it can take years to learn your new software (even though they update this every 18 months). Photoshop actions can take awhile to set up and finesse, but after you have your settings the way you like them. Actions can be the easiest way to edit a large batch of photos.

How to do it:
Windows > Actions > Create a new folder > Create a new action > Press record

Photoshop will then record all the steps you take to edit your photo. When you are done hit stop ▀ You should be able to open an image with similar attributes, play ► and get similar results.

The part that takes finesse is deleting layers that don't matter, and making sure your layers remember the colors and effects how you want them. If you are using colored layers make sure to use the shape tool.

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