Monday, January 28, 2013

The Beast Rears Its Nasty Head Again

That beast being—motivation. Maybe its just the season, maybe its bills or taxes, or stress. Low periods in our life come and go, and what matters is how do we pull ourself out of it.

We are all mad here

How Do I Fix That? Try Something New.
I found this tutorial site,, it combines the usefulness of educational tutorials and the joy of competition and social media. I have only done the "free" challenges so far, but I plan on buying the plan because their challenges and videos appeal to me. This site could actually help me learn new skills and remember them.

Joined a Book Club
Not only does this get me to read books I would have never read, but also it gets me out of little bubble. It is out of character of me to join a club, especially when I don't know anyone. Part of the troubles of being an introvert, but challenging myself to try something new can be invigorating. It takes me out of comfort zone, yeah its intimidating, but I am better for it in the end.

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