Friday, November 30, 2012

QR Codes Revisited

I have discussed QR codes before, but this time I am look back over a year later and seeing that they have become such a flop. QR has a couple points working against them:

Time: Phones have not yet made this an easy code to capture. First you have to unlock your phone, download a barcode app, open the app, and then finally scan the code. That is when you encounter the second problem.

Useability: Many companies that are using these QR codes and do not have a site that adapts for mobile devices. These traditional websites can be difficult to navigate on the small screens.

Repetition: And then some companies just make it into another spot to post the same marketing material that you got the code off of. When you go through all this effort to check out the code you want a reward not more advertising.

I experienced this same frustration when I was flipping through the catalog of one of my favorite store: Paper Source. This is one time I was intrigued to see me from a company and wanted to scan the code. It took me to the home page of their regular site. It was a let down.

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