Friday, October 5, 2012

Taking Inspiration from Others

Last week I attended an AIGA event, and the above image is just a sample of one of my spreads during the speaker Tad Carpenter. Plus, I threw in some of his illustrated buttons, did you know how much I love buttons? Being introverted it is an acheivement to go to an event where there will be tons of people I don't know. Going to public events takes a lot of my energy. I am no where near voluntarily enter the discussion, but it is baby steps.

Tad Carpenter is very passionate about his work, and that is infectious. Love What You Do. Shit Happens. Have Passion Projects. Exercise. Take Risks.

I have a hard time accepting any of those qualities, which is maybe why I have been so bummed out lately. Doing a complete 360 is out of the question, but maybe I can incorporate some of these and the rest will follow. I got to accept that for my day job sometimes my work will suck, but if I take the time to take on passion projects will let me know the joy of being in love with my work again. Something else that would lift my endorphin levels is exercise. It has nothing to do with design, it would just be good for me. Taking Risks? Now that is something that has never been easy for me. I will probably put that off, and save to take some more secured risk (is that a real thing)? Risk is scary, but as Tad said there is never a good time—you just have to take the leap.


  1. High five to stepping out of your comfort zone! Baby steps still count.

    If you're trying to get more into the groove of waking up early and doing something active (because aren't we all), maybe try starting out by first waking up to do something other than exercise. A friend and I had promised to meet each other for breakfast in the park yesterday morning, meaning I had to be up by 5:20 (!!) to get there and have time for conversation before heading to work. Once I pulled myself out of bed, it was easy to get going because I knew I wasn't about to do something physically strenuous. And being able to enjoy the whole morning was AWESOME.

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