Monday, September 17, 2012

ebay: grows up

Ebay is launching a new look for their logo as well as their website. Gone are the letters are various typefaces, weights, and sizes. Ebay is left with a cleaner more modern look. I love the more modern cleaned up look. The problem? It is just so boring. You couldn't say that about their old logo, but this is just too generic and says nothing about the company. The last logo was a little too kookie, but at least it had a personality.

If they were going to re-haul their entire design and branding for the site I would expect something that looked like it had more effort put into it. In their press release they implied that the many colors represent their global community—four is not a lot of colors. Maybe instead of tight kerning the letters could have been overlapped (similar to before) to include more colors and vibrancy. 

I like their site dedicated to promoting the new logo a whole lot more than I do their logo. It is modern like the logo, but contains unexpected elements and depth. What do you think of ebay's new logo?

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