Friday, August 10, 2012

Not Where You Want to Be?

One thing I have very little of? Patience. My husband teases me all the time for my lack of patience. When you get out of school most of us have this big shiny dreams of doing something fantastic with our lives and careers, but many of us (especially with the recession) fell on our faces. Many college students are moving back home with mom and dad, and taking jobs that they are over qualified for. It can be a difficult pill to swallow each day when you are not where you thought you would be on your career path.

I too have felt the familiar sting of looking at my path, and I haven't felt like I have lived up to my potential. It can be hard to take when I see my fellow graduates who have moved onto careers at top agencies, design firms, and some have been brave enough to make the leap to freelance. What I have to swallow when I feel like a failure is that everything I do is leading me to some place new, not physically, but my capabilities. I want to rush through the small steps that lead to art direction at a big agency or bold enough to be your own boss. Those small steps are what enable us to be able to handle the big stuff when we get there.

So today I am taking it one thing at a time:

"View from my Desk"

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