Monday, January 10, 2011

Importance of Drawing

Whether you have the skill to make a realistic portrait or you relate more to stick figures, I find that drawing is a skill that every designer should continue to hone. It is easy to fall into the trap of doing everything on computer, because it ends up there any way right? Well the speed and ease of drawing comes naturally. Even simple drawings of squiggles and boxes can be the quickest way to cycle through a variety of layouts. My new year's resolution of doing something creative everyday can become a challenge on the weekends, all week I make ads and when I am home I begin to vegetate. But the importance of drawing and keeping the creative part of my brain enticed is essential to who I am as a designer and as a person. Drawing stimulates a different part of the brain than using a computer and is faster than what we could achieve on the computer. Drawing also has brain development benefits. Studies have shown improved memory cognition if a person utilizes drawing, and that can help prevent and slow brain deterioration due to Alzheimers.

So get out there and draw. It won't cost you much. Grab a pencil or pen and some already used computer paper, and you are ready to activate your brain cells and get inspired.

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