Monday, September 13, 2010


while in school we were educated that 12 pt is horsey (and it is) that smaller is better and white space is optimum. In the "real" world I continually find that clients request larger type and want to shove in as much type as they can into a single poster or ad. School I found myself continuously at 8pt (and I think for most designers that is acceptable), but taking it to a client it seems impossible. I continuously make it larger and larger. I do avoid 12 pt at all costs, but it seems now my normal is 10 or 11.

It is important to have design aesthetics and appreciate the simplicity and look of small type, but schools should also emphasize the need to fulfill the market of growing population of elderly. Most non-designers I have met over 40 cannot read 9 pt type. And maybe it is just a time of readjustment after school for theoretical design into practical.

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